The Shamen knows all life is sacred\ All illnesses have a spiritual origin\ Achieve a point of balance within yourself\

Moon Wind Shamanic Ways - Empowering People to Find Themselves

Welcome to the website of UK Shamanic practitioner Kim McMuldrow, based near Church Stretton, Shropshire who heals humans and animals in need of life change using methods of empowerment such as Journeying, Power Animal Retrieval, and Soul Retrieval.

Shamanism offers alternative healing for people with troubled lives, who could be suffering from mental or emotional trauma, substance abuse, bereavement, or simply a sense of emptiness. Shamanic healing today brings ancient Shaman wisdom of healing and problem solving up to date, and makes Shamanic practices relevant for people seeking themselves. If you are one of these people, the navigation of this website is the first step to revitalising your essential spiritual energy.


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